Erotic massage in Tantra diamond

Sensual erotic massage is a delightful deep pleasure for your whole body, soul and mind too. Tantric massage is something that you will never forget. Tantra has perfect effect on your sexual life, your physical and mentally health. Let`s try the beautiful excitement and satisfaction of all your senses. In this process you will find a new unknow sexual energy and perfect vibrations.


If you want to try this Tantra sensual erotic massage but you don`t know about place where we have solution for you. Come to visit our erotic massage Bratislava in Slovakia in the centre of Bratislava. Tantra diamond salon offers you first class exclusive tantric massage. In our luxury salon in pretty place and magical romantic atmosphere you will feel excellent. Our team of beautiful and sexy professionaly trained masseuse will provide inclusive tantra erotic massage which are you were looking for. The whole Tantra you can enjoy in beautiful comfortable always clean prepared and satisfacting atmosphere. You can enjoy your intimate in private. The tantra massage is for everybody up to eighteen years old. We offers a lot of programms. You can enjoy Tantra alone, with your partner. For both men and women.

erotic tantra

You can also choose from our special luxury tantric programms that you will love. For example Classic Tantra which is characteristic by intimacy and touch massage. It`s the best for you when you are on Tantric massage for the first time and you have maybe a little shy nature. It`ll give you more sexual energy and be more confident and happy. The more extra is a Body Tantra. That means it uses technique „body to body“. So you can enjoy the body of your Tantra lady. Our next Tantra programm is Mutual Body Tantra. It`s for you when you wanna be more active and more playful with Tantra lady.

You can choose from a special Tantra programms for example Secret Dark, Love Game Tantra, Romantic Tantra, Magic Tantra, Four hands, Couple Tantra, Senzual Tantra and Massage for women. There is for everyone something special.

The process of Tantra massage begins with Namaste ritual. Then your Tantra lady start sensual massage in your head area to the whole body. At first you lay on stomach then your Tantra lady ask you to turn opposite and continuing to your intimate parts. You be able to experience a long-lasting pleasure, intimate touches and you will know something more about your body.


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